Video Strategy | Social Media Management | Post-Production
I'm Chanesta, a Dutch creative with a deep passion for video, music, and food. I'm not just about creating content; I have a mission to empower and connect people through the magic of audio-visual content. My journey is driven by a strong belief in empathy, storytelling, and cultural diversity, which I explored in my thesis during my academic years. 
Growing up in a city with limited diversity and inclusivity, I felt the struggle to truly connect with others outside my family. That experience ignited the fire within me to bridge those gaps through my work. My educational journey has equipped me with degrees in bread and pastry, entrepreneurship, and a bachelor's degree in creative business, providing me with a diverse skill set. On this website, you'll catch a glimpse of my work as both a content creator and a baker. 
My goal is simple: to use my skills and creativity to bring people together and ensure everyone feels seen and heard. Whether you're a small creator or a large corporation, I believe in the power of audio-visual content to unite people from all backgrounds and walks of life.
I invite you to join me on this mission to build a more inclusive and understanding world through the power of strategic content creation.
Thank you for stopping by, and I can't wait to connect with you on this exciting journey!
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